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EGG shell

And God what have you done with my Body...

Keith Weisz
5 July 1985
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5th division, after school nightmare, alexander mcqueen, all american girl, ambient, anime, anthy, aqua timez, arrancar, art of noise, artistic t-shirts, asian food, audio visions, avant garde, avatar the last airbender, ayumi hamasaki, bara, bbc, beaches, bjork, bleach, blondes, brian pumper, bruce timm, buffy, cancer, carnival music, castles, chrono trigger, cinnamoroll, clay, cooking mama, cosplay, cranberry, crowns, crucifixes, cutie honey, david bowie, dazzler, dead like me, dean coulter, dean monroe, dir en grey, dunny, egl, electroplankton, empire sushi, fanart, flcl, francios sagat, fruits magazine, gackt, ganguro, gay pornstars, gifs, girls aloud, gloomy bear, gothic and lolita bible, grass, gtn, gummi bears, h naota, heather morris, heroes, horror games, hueco mundo, hyde, iaudio, icons, indie films, insomnia, james dean, japan, jem and the holograms, jim lee, joshua middletown, journals, kera, kingdom hearts, kogal, lovely complex, makeup, malice mizer, mana, manga, margaret cho, mars, mask, mens egg, metrocards, moi dix mois, munny, nintendo ds, northstar, ocean waves, orihime inoue, p!nk, paradise kiss, parapara paradise, picnics, pink, pokemon, project runway, props, rpg maker, sade, sand, sanrio, secrets, sentaa, sewing, shear genius, shin megami tensei, shin-chan, silent hill, sleep, soulseek, speed grapher, strangers with candy, stripes on clothes, sushi, swords, the 80's, the bouncer, the cure, the distillers, the office, toy tokyo, transformers, treeson, utada hikaru, utena, venture bros., victorian furniture, video game music, visual kei, vivienne westwood, wacom tablet, wii, winona ryder, wolfs rain, x-day, x-men, xenosaga, y!gallery, yamanba, yaoi


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